Currently, Flat i is working on two different publications which are in different stages of conception/production.


One is a new fiction story by Jacob Dwyer, based on the making of his film DAT LIKWID LAND (2017).
Jacob's film is an exploration of New Orleans, guided by a diverse cast of social outsiders, lead by the journal of the eloquent (and corpulent) Ignatius J. Reilly. In between travelogue, diary, script, director's commentary and fiction story, the book will tell the story of the making of the film and expand it with new strands of thought and associations.


The other is a collection of the writings of the American performance artist Stuart Sherman (1945-2001). Sherman, mostly known for his solo "Spectacles," performed internationally throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. In his (mostly) half-hour shows he would perform gestural routines with throwaway objects from $99ct stores such toys, tape, masks, etc., creating semantic "dramas" around these inanimate objects.
At the base of Sherman's practice was his commitment to language and as he would set himself the task of writing every day, he left behind a lot of scripts, poetry and prose - most of which is as yet unpublished.


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